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New method for disinfecting rooms, surfaces and equipment

DIOSOL disinfection is a new method for disinfecting rooms, surfaces and equipment. Place the DIOSOL device in the room to be disinfected. It emits a ‘dry fog’ which settles on all surfaces and penetrates all nooks and corners where manual disinfection is impossible.

The active disinfectant is a 3% or 5% hydrogen peroxide solution with added silver ions, and it is effective against MRSA, coli bacteria, noroviruses and bacteria-forming spores.

The disinfection liquid is delivered ready for use in 5-litre bottles that are easy to connect to the device.


DIOSOL is able to disinfect up to 270 cubic metres in one cycle, and the container has a capacity for 1600 cubic metres. The DIOSOL device is very mobile and easy to transport between wards and floors (80x39x30 cm – 30 kg).


The DIOSOL device is easy to operate. After having measured the room and appropriately covered ventilation systems and smoke alarms, set the nozzle function to the cubic metres measured, e.g. 100 cu m. The nozzle function starts after a 30-second delay, giving you sufficient time to leave the room.

The total process time is 90 minutes, after which you can enter the room without protective equipment.


This section contains documentation that our disposable wipes deliver on our promise. This page contains a collection of articles, test results, data sheets, CEI statements, safety data sheets etc.
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