Frequently Asked Questions

A safe cleaning process of improved quality (always correct dosing).

Yes. Since the wipes do not require washing, electricity and water consumption is reduced as well as discharges into drains and treatment plants.

To protect the skin against drying and degreasing. Gloves may also protect against infections and contaminants in connection with medical examinations and care.

We recommend LATEX gloves for long-term use of Wet Wipe Universal wipes and Wet Wipe Disinfection wipes.

We recommend NITRILE gloves when using Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection wipes and Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection wipes.

The best solution is always to use gloves which are CE-marked and comply with the EN 455-1-2-3 standards.

This depends on the type of wipe used. Always read the packaging.

No, the wipes are intended for surface cleaning.

No – there are no washing and handling costs.
For further elaboration on this point, please contact us by phone.

Yes, because Wet Wipe disposable wipes constitute a more appropriate, quality-improved and time-saving way of performing cleaning and disinfection work.

Yes, disposable wipes eliminate wringing, hands in water, lifts and exposure to chemicals.

In Germany and the Netherlands.